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I am a certified translator with a Master's Degree in Translation from Lund university - one of Sweden's most prestigious universities, and my language combinations are from English and Spanish into Swedish. I am also an associated member of SFÖ (the Swedish Association of Professional Translators) and comply with the Code of professional ethics set forth by the association

I can offer you, your company or your translation agency professional translation of English or Spanish texts that needs to be translated into Swedish. I also offer proof-reading and editing of texts in Swedish, localisation and adaption of texts, as well as subtitling.

As it is not only the words that are being translated, I have to be a language expert with a profound knowledge about and a flair for the different cultures, history and values. A good translation does not only have to be correct and consistent,
but should also be adapted to its target group and without any traces of the source language.

As an experienced translator, I have been able to specialise in creative texts (mainly within marketing, PR and advertising), financial texts (e.g. quarterly financial reports and company/Group information), informative texts (e.g. travel guides, web sites, general IT, product information and technical manuals) and journalistic texts (e.g. reports and press releases). Other personal favourites are children’s literature and texts concerning the environment.

If for any reason I do not feel confident about the subject of your text needing to be translated, I would be able to help you find another suitable translator.
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